We Believe in Organic

Organic certification is a process that gives you assurance that the products that you are eating are grown and raised in accordance with the strict standards that are set out in the Canadian Organic Standards. Organic farms are physically inspected by an independent third party inspector once a year. During this inspection the inspector looks at the land, the buildings, the animals and all the documentation that proves that the animals were raised according to organic standards. We are certified organic through Eco Cert.

All our animals are raised on certified organic land. This means that the land has not had any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides applied to it. No, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals or feed additives are administered or fed to the animals. All our chicken, turkeys, hens, and pigs receive only certified organic feed and grass. The feed that all these animals eat is made in our own certified organic feed mill out of certified organic grains and certified organic alfalfa.  All our beef and bison are fed only certified organic grass and hay and are 100% grass fed. All the grass and hay that the beef  receive is certified organic.

All the spices, honey and maple syrup that we use to make our sausages and deli meats is certified organic. No chemical preservatives, such as nitrates, nitrites, sulphites or sulphates are used. No celery salt extract, artificial colours, flavours, or flavour enhancers such as MSG are used.  We do not use any fillers such as gluten, corn, dairy or soy in our sausages. They are made up of just meat and spices.

There are many benefits to buying certified organic. Every time you buy an organic product you are ensuring that more land is under organic standards. This has a beneficial impact on the environment and the habitat of the wildlife that inhabit the organic land. Buying certified organic ensures that your purchase has a positive impact on the environment, human and animal health.

For more information on why we believe in being Certified Organic please visit our website at www.sunworksfarm.com