We Believe in Local

Food that is raised and then sold closer to the consumer has beneficial effects on the Environment, the economy and human health.

Smaller independent family farms helps support a true economy where producers are buying, raising and selling the products in their own communities and province. This has a positive spin off effect for the local economy’s.  The farmers support other local businesses that in turn support them. Allowing the economic benefits to stay closer to home.

Buying food as local as possible also helps the environment by creating less carbon emissions. A local product produces less carbon emissions then one that is grown far away due to the fact that less carbon emissions are made in the transportation and storage of the food between the farmer and the consumer.

Human and environmental health are also benefits of buying local. The fresher the food is when it reaches the consumer the healthier the food is and a healthier planet is also good for human health.

For more information on how our meat is raised please see our website at www.sunworksfarm.com