We believe in Humane

We believe that animals should be raised with respect. All our animals are ethically raised and certified humane by the BCSPCA.

We are certified humane by the BCSPCA. http://www.spca.bc.ca/welfare/farm-animal-welfare under their farm animal certification program. They have stringent standards for the care and raising of farm animals. We are inspected yearly with an additional unannounced spot inspection.  During these inspections they take a detailed look at all of the animals that we raised and also look at the conditions, health and happiness of the animals. These inspections ensure that you are getting truly ethically and humanly raised meat.

The processing of the animals are also included in these inspections. We process our animals as humanly as we can in a way that limits as much as possible any pain or suffering that is felt by the animals. We try and reduce the stress surrounding the transport and final end of the animal.

We aim to give all our animals the best and happiest life possible.

For more information about how we raise our animals please visit our website at www.sunworksfarm.com