We believe in Health

We believe that you cannot just look at one aspect of health. You cannot focus on only animal, human or environmental health for they are all interconnected and they all have to be addressed and improved together. For that reason we are certified organic, certified humane and grass fed. These three things improve all facets of health.

Being certified organic has many health benefits. Reducing the amount of chemicals that a person ingests and is exposed to is important to the health of all. Eating organic is a great step in reducing the amount of chemicals that you are exposed to. Because we believe in this all our products are Certified organic.

All our sausages bacons and deli meats are made with only certified organic meat, certified organic spices and certified organic maple syrup and honey.  We do not use any chemical preservatives such as nitrates, nitrites, sulfates, sulfites, or celery salt extract. We do not use artificial colourings, flavourings, artificial sweeteners, MSG , or chemical flavour enhancers. No fillers or binders are used.  No wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, or nuts are used in our products. This allows us to provide you with the purest food we possibly can.

For information about our products please visit our website at www.sunworksfarm.com