We Believe in Grass fed

All our beef and bison are 100 percent grass fed. We believe that grass is the natural and best food for beef. Our beef are raised on certified organic pasture in the summer, allowing them lots of access to fresh green grass. In the winter they are given certified organic hay.  They are not given any grains at any time during their life. We are certified by the Canadian Grass-fed Beef Association and are inspected and audited annually. This give you the assurance that you are eating a truly grass fed product.

All our chicken, turkeys and hens are raised on certified organic pasture in the summer and are also fed free choice feed that is made up of certified organic grains and minerals. The chickens, turkeys and hens are moved daily to ensure that they always have access to fresh green grass. During the cold winter when they cannot be outside they are raised in a barn where they have lots of sunlight and room to move around.  While they are in the barn extra alfalfa is added to their feed to ensure that they are still getting their greens.

Our pork is raised on certified organic grass in the summer. The pigs are moved daily onto fresh grass allowing them access to fresh green grass daily. In the winter they are housed outside and are given certified organic alfalfa meal so that they get there green grass throughout the winter. Throughout the year they are fed free choice certified organic grains to supplement their diet of grass.

Grass fed has many health benefits that are beneficial to animal and human health.  Grass fed meat is higher in omega 3, CLA and lower in fat. When animals eat diets that are closer to their natural diets they are healthier and have better digestion.

For more information on why grass fed meat is healthier for the animals, humans and the environment visit www.eatwild.com

For more information on how we raise our animals please see our Sunworks Farm website at www.sunworksfarm.com